Born on this Day – Aniello Migliore

aniello migliore

Lucchese family mobster Aniello Migliore

Aniello Migliore was born on this day, October 2, in 1933.

The Queens-born mobster has been identified by investigators as a onetime acting head of the Lucchese Crime Family and now serves as a high-ranking Capo.

On April 3, 1992, Migliore was celebrating the birthday of a friend’s granddaughter in a Westbury, New York restaurant on Long Island. During the party, a gunman in a passing car fired one or two shotgun blasts through the restaurant window, hitting Migliore in the head and chest. Despite his wounds, Migliore survived.

Vittorio “Vic” Amuso had reportedly ordered the hit on Migliore from his prison cell. He feared that Migliore was planning to remove Amuso as official boss and cut off his cash stream.

The attempt on his life did not sway Migliore away from the crime family though.

From 2003 to 2012, Migliore, Matthew Madonna, and Joseph DiNapoli, all members of the East Harlem/Bronx faction, served on the Lucchese family’s ruling panel in the absence of family acting boss Steven Crea.

The panel has since been disbanded with Steven Crea taking over as official boss of the family.

Migliore remains a respected and highly regarded member of the current Lucchese Crime family.


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