1960′s Philadelphia Mob TV Series in development

angelo bruno

US cable net Starz has greenlit a local version of Italian mob drama Romanzo Criminale. The US version of the show will move the action from Rome in the 70s and 80s to Philadelphia in the 60s. Starz confirmed that a US version of the show is in development. The Philadelphia Mob is notorious for their violence and for being a particularly dysfunctional family, mostly due to having a succession of very violent bosses.

Born on this Day – Federico Castelluccio

federico castelluccio

Furio Giunta becomes a soldier in the Soprano crew after Tony meets him in Italy. He was impressed with Furio’s old school dedication and loyalty and he soon proves to be one of Tony’s most loyal associates and most feared enforcer.

‘Ndrangheta: The most powerful criminal organization in the World

Most powerful criminal organization

The scale of the profits controlled by a close-nit group of around 400 key individuals in 30 countries has made the group a long-standing target of law enforcement, yet it has been near impossible to penetrate.

Born on this Day – Matteo Messina Denaro

matteo messina denaro

He loves fast cars, designer watches and sharp suits but the Cosa Nostra kingpin is also a cold-blooded murderer whose ruthless streak has helped him rise to the very top of the Sicilian Mafia.

Frank Cullotta Mobster hitman turns Las Vegas tour guide

mobster hitman frank cullotta

Former Chicago hit man Frank Cullotta now makes an honest living leading tours of his old mob haunts in Las Vegas.